The Don’ts of Self Storage

We’ve previously covered the ‘dos of self storage’, so now it’s time to talk about the don’ts.

Renting a self storage unit can save you space, money, and time. However, you need to follow a few simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your self storage experience.

Read on for the ‘don’ts’ when renting a self storage unit.

Don’t store anything not permitted by your self storage provider

Self storage units can be great for storing a variety of things, but not everything is permitted or safe to store. Make sure you check with your self storage provider or read your contract to ensure you don’t store anything that isn’t permitted. 

Generally, these items would include: 

  • perishable foods
  • ammunition
  • plants
  • flammable materials 
  • animals
Don’t let anyone else access your unit

Unless the person is someone you trust or someone who needs access to your unit, don’t share your key or access code with anyone else. 

Don’t forget to lock your unit

Always make sure you lock your unit properly when leaving. Whether you’re coming back in an hour, or don’t plan on returning until the following week. It’s always best to keep your unit locked and your items secure from potential thieves. 

Don’t leave items unprotected

Prevent items from being damaged or broken by taking the time to properly pack them away. Use the correct storage boxes and never pack your boxes to heavy or high. Fragile items should also be stored in a secure spot and carefully wrapped in packing paper.

Successfully use self storage 

Follow the ‘dos‘ and ‘don’ts’ of self storage for a stress-free storage experience! Whether you’re a first-time self storage renter or a long-term tenant, these tips will help you make the most of renting a self storage unit in Adelaide or elsewhere.

Furthermore, if you’re new to self storage and looking for a storage facility near you, Store UR Stuff is a great option! With both indoor storage units and outdoor vehicle storage spaces, there’s sure to be a storage solution for you. Check out more storage options online or call the friendly Store UR Stuff team on 08 8371 0000.

Storage Solutions for the Festive Season

The festive season is well upon us and you may find your home becoming more and more cramped with Christmas decorations and presents. This could make it difficult to host your friends and family, especially if you live in a smaller home.

So, have you thought about how you’re going to make room for your guests and celebrations this festive season? If you’re playing host, you definitely need a storage solution. Here are some reasons why Adelaide storage units are perfect for the festive season and beyond.

Having family stay

People will often have friends and family stay during the festive season, and with that comes clearing out the spare room. Overtime spare rooms turn in to the ‘whatever fits’ room. Meaning anything that you’re sick of looking at or don’t use will make it into the spare room. Are you guilty of this and need an alternative storage solution? Why not rent a cheap Adelaide storage unit to store those items. 

Creating space 

Not only do you need to create space for people to stay during the festive season. You probably also need extra space for festivities – drinks, nibbles, board games etc. Whether you need to clear up your back verandah, or your second lounge room, a cheap storage unit is a great solution.

Hiding presents

You could also use a self storage unit to store/hide Christmas presents. Keeping presents hidden from the kids as well as protected from the pets can be a hard task. So, storing them in a self storage unit is a great way to do both! 

After Christmas 

Renting an Adelaide storage unit is great for both pre and post-Christmas. Use the space beforehand to clear up your home for festivities. And then after the festivities are had, use the space to store your Christmas tree and decorations. Or even leave some of your original items stored away! One unit, multiple storage solutions.

Need to find an Adelaide storage facility?

Decided that renting a storage unit could be the storage solution you need this festive season? Store UR Stuff have a range of self storage units available for both short and long-term storage. View our unit sizes online and make an enquiry today. 

Alternatively, you can call the friendly Store UR Stuff team on 8371 0000 for all your self storage needs. 

How Much Does a Self Storage Unit Cost?

One of the main factors when looking for a self storage provider is the cost. How much does a self storage unit cost? And will it fit your budget? 

Although the fee for renting a self storage unit will probably be the deal breaker. How safe, clean, and secure the storage facility is should also impact your decision. But the cost is probably going to be your number one priority, depending on what it is that you’re storing of course.

So… how much does a self storage unit cost? 

How much does a storage unit cost? 

The cost of self storage depends on the location of the facility, as well as the size of the storage unit. Self storage unit prices vary greatly across different storage providers, unit sizes and rental periods. As a result, the cost will come down to the provider you choose and the size of storage unit you need! It’s always best to shop around to find cheap self storage. 

In addition, Store UR Stuff will price match if you find the same size unit for cheaper. 

How much do self storage units at Store UR Stuff cost?

We have 6 different affordable self storage unit sizes to choose from. Starting from a storage unit that can fit a few pieces of furniture, up to a unit big enough to fit everything from a 4-bedroom home. Check out our online booking system for current pricing and size guides. 

How to know what size to choose?

Choosing the right unit size can be hard, especially if you’re worried about the self storage cost. A great way to decide how much storage space you need is to use our online storage calculator. It’s as simple as completing some questions, then clicking find storage option to determine the best storage solution for your needs.

Want to rent an affordable self storage unit at Store UR Stuff?

Self storage unit prices can vary depending on many factors, and it’s always best to shop around to find the cheapest storage unit prices. In addition, Store UR Stuff have a range of affordable Adelaide self storage units. Find the perfect unit size for your needs by using the space calculator then book your storage unit today. And don’t forget we’ll price match if you find the same size unit for cheaper! 

Self Storage for Ecommerce Stores

Have you recently started up a small ecommerce store? Or maybe you’re currently working on opening one? Cheap self storage units are ideal for online or home businesses, especially if you live in a small home and you’re managing reasonable amounts of stock and orders. 

In addition, whether you’re running an online thrift shop, jewellery shop or a hand-made clothing shop. We have some great tips to help you decide whether moving into a cheap storage unit is the solution for you!

Have a Chat to your Self Storage Facility Manager

It’s best to pay a visit to your self storage provider and have a chat to the manager about your business storage needs. At Store UR Stuff, we can accept mail deliveries for you and store your mail in one of our storage units until you visit the facility next. We also send you an SMS to let you know when a delivery has been accepted. This is great for ecommerce businesses as you can have your stock, returns and anything else sent straight to the storage facility. 

Organise your Stock

Renting a cheap storage unit is a great way to keep your ecommerce business organised and running smoothly. You’re able to rent a storage unit suitable to the size of your online business needs. Then store your stock exactly as you please, rather than putting it wherever it can fit in your home. 

In addition, putting storage shelves in your unit is a great way to keep it organised as well as keep stock off the floor. Labelling and alphabetising the shelves will also make it much easier when trying to locate certain items.

Prepare Packing Materials

A great thing about renting a cheap self storage unit for your online business at Store UR Stuff is the fact that we have an on-site box shop. Here you can find plenty of packing materials including storage boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and more.

Sending and packing orders from your storage unit? All you need to bring is the parcel boxes or bags, we have everything else you need! 

Only Pay for What you Need

Renting a warehouse space can be a costly long-term commitment for your online business. Alternatively, renting a cheap self storage unit is a much better option, especially if your business is just starting up! 

At Store UR Stuff, we offer flexible payment plans with the option of both short term and long term storage. All you need to do is choose the storage unit suitable for your needs and then pay a month to month fee. No lock in contracts, no overhead fees! Just cheap self storage! 

Furthermore, book your cheap self storage unit online today or call the friendly team at Store UR Stuff to find the best solution to suit your business needs.

Dog Friendly Campsites for the Long Weekend

The October long weekend is a great opportunity for families and keen travellers to escape the city for a few days. But, with so many people wanting to make the most of a 3 day weekend, caravan parks and camping sites always book out early. To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure you pre-book your dog friendly caravan site – because what’s a camping trip without your dog!

Check out some of our top picks below for dog friendly camping spots in SA.

Yorke Peninsula bush camping

Always a crowd favourite for a quick caravan getaway. The Yorke Peninsula offers gorgeous coastlines great for fishing, boating surfing and relaxing. To top it off, there are plenty of bush camping options that are both dog and caravan friendly. Bush camping on the Yorke Peninsula is a great alternative to a dog friendly caravan park in SA. If you’re happy to go without the luxuries of a caravan park that is! 

Moonta Bay Caravan Park

The Moonta Bay Caravan Park is another popular location for long weekend getaways. The park is set on prime beachfront land and only 164kms north-west of Adelaide. And yes, you can add this one to the list of dog friendly caravan parks in SA! 

Definitely pre-book if you’re planning to head here for the long weekend. 

Cohen Rest Area Eyre Peninsula

Dog friendly, caravan friendly and free! Cohen Rest Area is the ideal spot for an overnight stay when trekking across the Eyre Peninsula. Keep in mind that this is only a rest area and travellers can stay for a maximum of 24 hours. However, it’s still a very convenient dog friendly campsite for travellers heading to Penong.

Coffin Bay Caravan Park 

Situated only 30 minutes from Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay is well worth the drive for a long weekend getaway. The small coastal town offers pristine beaches, national parks, 4wd tracks and more – there’s something for every traveller to enjoy here. 

In addition, the Coffin Bay Caravan Park is a dog friendly camping location. Pack the car, pack the pooch and head to the EP for the long weekend! 

Caravan Storage at Store UR Stuff

Need somewhere to store your caravan after the long weekend? Store UR Stuff has a great range of outdoor storage spaces perfect for storing your caravan, van or camper trailer. Our vehicle storage is secure, affordable and a great option when you run out of room at home. Check out our storage options online or call the friendly Store UR Stuff team on 8371 0000.

Furthermore, check out this blog if you need some tips on how to prepare your caravan for storage.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Store your Work Tools

As a small trades business, one of your most important assets would be your tools. Work tools and equipment can be quite expensive, and your business probably relies on them. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your equipment is stored securely – ideally in a secure self storage unit. 

Renting a warehouse space isn’t always an option for a small business. It can become very expensive and you may not be able to find one in a convenient location. That’s why renting a secure self storage unit for your business is a great alternative! Self storage is affordable, convenient and secure – when you store with Store UR Stuff.   

Keep your Tools Safe

Generally a secure self storage unit can offer more security than what your home would. Storage units at Store UR Stuff are well secured with pin coded gates, security cameras, high perimeter fencing and more. Storing your work tools in one of our self storage units is much wiser than storing them in your garage or work vehicle. 

Keep your Tools in Good Condition

It’s essential to store your work tools properly to ensure they are kept in good working condition. Throwing them on the floor in the corner of your shed is not recommended. Instead, rent a small storage unit and purchase some portable shelving units. This will help to keep your tools organised, off the floor and in good condition.

Avoid Clutter in your Garage

Renting a self storage unit for work equipment is a great way to free up space in your garage or shed. Leaving you with more storage space at home for other personal items. Storing work equipment in self storage also helps to keep dangerous tools away from the reach of children. 

Choose a Convenient Location

Storing your work tools in a self storage unit is much more convenient than storing them at home. Choose a conveniently located Adelaide self storage facility such as Store UR Stuff and grab your work tools as you need them. Beats having to jam everything into your work vehicle for the day!

Store your Tools with Store UR Stuff!

Are you looking to store your work equipment in Adelaide self storage near you? Store UR Stuff has a variety of secure self storage units ideal for storing work tools and equipment. With cheap storage units, no lock in contracts and online payments – book your self storage unit today! 

Essential Tips for Long Term Storage

Properly preparing your items for self storage is important for both short term and long term. However, preparation for long term storage requires more time and effort. If you don’t want your items to perish, that is.

Here are some essential tips to help you prepare for long term storage.


Laying tarp on the floor of your storage unit can be beneficial for long term storage. Over time, moisturise can seep through the concrete floor, although this shouldn’t happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry! A simple solution to avoiding this is to lay some tarp across the floor of your storage space. 


Ensure your belongings are stored away correctly. Don’t pack your items in plastic bags, use proper storage materials such as packing boxes. It’s also best to use new cardboard boxes for long term storage rather than recycled ones. 

Taking the time to pack your items properly is the key factor in keeping your belongings safe and avoiding unnecessary damage.


Make sure you label all your boxes or keep a detailed inventory. This will help you to remember what’s in your self storage unit as you may forget over time. It’s important to do this for both short term and long term storage. Labelling your storage boxes also helps to avoid breaking fragile items as you know where they’re located in your storage unit.


Insuring your items will also be a good idea if you’re storing long term (or short term). Especially if you’re moving overseas and have majority of the things you own in storage. Do some research and make sure you find a policy that covers everything you need. Again, better to be safe than sorry!


Have someone organised to check in on your storage unit when needed. Long term storage generally means you won’t be visiting your storage unit for a long period of time. If you ever need something from your storage unit, it’s handy to have a local person who can grab it and post it to you. This person could also be a point of contact if there was ever a problem with your self storage unit.


Have your rental fee set up to be direct debited each month. If you’re travelling the world or now live in another state, you probably won’t be cancelling your storage contract anytime soon. In addition, it makes life easier for both you and your storage provider!

Need a long term storage facility?

At Store UR Stuff, we offer both short term and long term storage, including indoor self storage units and outdoor vehicle storage. Our Adelaide storage facility has a variety of storage unit sizes to choose from. If you’re looking for self storage near you, call our friendly team on 8371 0000 or alternatively, send us an enquiry online!