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The Don’ts of Self Storage

We’ve previously covered the ‘dos of self storage’, so now it’s time to talk about the don’ts.

Renting a self storage unit can save you space, money, and time. However, you need to follow a few simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your self storage experience.

Read on for the ‘don’ts’ when renting a self storage unit.

Don’t store anything not permitted by your self storage provider

Self storage units can be great for storing a variety of things, but not everything is permitted or safe to store. Make sure you check with your self storage provider or read your contract to ensure you don’t store anything that isn’t permitted. 

Generally, these items would include: 

  • perishable foods
  • ammunition
  • plants
  • flammable materials 
  • animals
Don’t let anyone else access your unit

Unless the person is someone you trust or someone who needs access to your unit, don’t share your key or access code with anyone else. 

Don’t forget to lock your unit

Always make sure you lock your unit properly when leaving. Whether you’re coming back in an hour, or don’t plan on returning until the following week. It’s always best to keep your unit locked and your items secure from potential thieves. 

Don’t leave items unprotected

Prevent items from being damaged or broken by taking the time to properly pack them away. Use the correct storage boxes and never pack your boxes to heavy or high. Fragile items should also be stored in a secure spot and carefully wrapped in packing paper.

Successfully use self storage 

Follow the ‘dos‘ and ‘don’ts’ of self storage for a stress-free storage experience! Whether you’re a first-time self storage renter or a long-term tenant, these tips will help you make the most of renting a self storage unit in Adelaide or elsewhere.

Furthermore, if you’re new to self storage and looking for a storage facility near you, Store UR Stuff is a great option! With both indoor storage units and outdoor vehicle storage spaces, there’s sure to be a storage solution for you. Check out more storage options online or call the friendly Store UR Stuff team on 08 8371 0000.

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  1. Mia Evans says:

    I totally agree when you said that we should make sure to lock our self-storage unit to ensure that our items are secure from any criminal. With that in mind, I will make sure to use a strong lock as well. It’s to protect my musical instruments which I need to store away for now since I will not be using them that much.

  2. Victoria Addington says:

    Thank you for explaining that your items must be packed accordingly to prevent them from being damaged or broken. We are having a home renovation so the furniture needs storage. I will look for a nearby storage unit and follow the tips you shared.


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