Cheap Storage Units for Ecommerce

Self Storage for Ecommerce Stores

Have you recently started up a small ecommerce store? Or maybe you’re currently working on opening one? Cheap self storage units are ideal for online or home businesses, especially if you live in a small home and you’re managing reasonable amounts of stock and orders. 

In addition, whether you’re running an online thrift shop, jewellery shop or a hand-made clothing shop. We have some great tips to help you decide whether moving into a cheap storage unit is the solution for you!

Have a Chat to your Self Storage Facility Manager

It’s best to pay a visit to your self storage provider and have a chat to the manager about your business storage needs. At Store UR Stuff, we can accept mail deliveries for you and store your mail in one of our storage units until you visit the facility next. We also send you an SMS to let you know when a delivery has been accepted. This is great for ecommerce businesses as you can have your stock, returns and anything else sent straight to the storage facility. 

Organise your Stock

Renting a cheap storage unit is a great way to keep your ecommerce business organised and running smoothly. You’re able to rent a storage unit suitable to the size of your online business needs. Then store your stock exactly as you please, rather than putting it wherever it can fit in your home. 

In addition, putting storage shelves in your unit is a great way to keep it organised as well as keep stock off the floor. Labelling and alphabetising the shelves will also make it much easier when trying to locate certain items.

Prepare Packing Materials

A great thing about renting a cheap self storage unit for your online business at Store UR Stuff is the fact that we have an on-site box shop. Here you can find plenty of packing materials including storage boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and more.

Sending and packing orders from your storage unit? All you need to bring is the parcel boxes or bags, we have everything else you need! 

Only Pay for What you Need

Renting a warehouse space can be a costly long-term commitment for your online business. Alternatively, renting a cheap self storage unit is a much better option, especially if your business is just starting up! 

At Store UR Stuff, we offer flexible payment plans with the option of both short term and long term storage. All you need to do is choose the storage unit suitable for your needs and then pay a month to month fee. No lock in contracts, no overhead fees! Just cheap self storage! 

Furthermore, book your cheap self storage unit online today or call the friendly team at Store UR Stuff to find the best solution to suit your business needs.

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