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How Much Does a Self Storage Unit Cost?

One of the main factors when looking for a self storage provider is the cost. How much does a self storage unit cost? And will it fit your budget? 

Although the fee for renting a self storage unit will probably be the deal breaker. How safe, clean, and secure the storage facility is should also impact your decision. But the cost is probably going to be your number one priority, depending on what it is that you’re storing of course.

So… how much does a self storage unit cost? 

How much does a storage unit cost? 

The cost of self storage depends on the location of the facility, as well as the size of the storage unit. Self storage unit prices vary greatly across different storage providers, unit sizes and rental periods. As a result, the cost will come down to the provider you choose and the size of storage unit you need! It’s always best to shop around to find cheap self storage. 

In addition, Store UR Stuff will price match if you find the same size unit for cheaper. 

How much do self storage units at Store UR Stuff cost?

We have 6 different affordable self storage unit sizes to choose from. Starting from a storage unit that can fit a few pieces of furniture, up to a unit big enough to fit everything from a 4-bedroom home. Check out our online booking system for current pricing and size guides. 

How to know what size to choose?

Choosing the right unit size can be hard, especially if you’re worried about the self storage cost. A great way to decide how much storage space you need is to use our online storage calculator. It’s as simple as completing some questions, then clicking find storage option to determine the best storage solution for your needs.

Want to rent an affordable self storage unit at Store UR Stuff?

Self storage unit prices can vary depending on many factors, and it’s always best to shop around to find the cheapest storage unit prices. In addition, Store UR Stuff have a range of affordable Adelaide self storage units. Find the perfect unit size for your needs by using the space calculator then book your storage unit today. And don’t forget we’ll price match if you find the same size unit for cheaper! 

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