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Why it’s a Good Idea to Store your Work Tools

As a small trades business, one of your most important assets would be your tools. Work tools and equipment can be quite expensive, and your business probably relies on them. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your equipment is stored securely – ideally in a secure self storage unit. 

Renting a warehouse space isn’t always an option for a small business. It can become very expensive and you may not be able to find one in a convenient location. That’s why renting a secure self storage unit for your business is a great alternative! Self storage is affordable, convenient and secure – when you store with Store UR Stuff.   

Keep your Tools Safe

Generally a secure self storage unit can offer more security than what your home would. Storage units at Store UR Stuff are well secured with pin coded gates, security cameras, high perimeter fencing and more. Storing your work tools in one of our self storage units is much wiser than storing them in your garage or work vehicle. 

Keep your Tools in Good Condition

It’s essential to store your work tools properly to ensure they are kept in good working condition. Throwing them on the floor in the corner of your shed is not recommended. Instead, rent a small storage unit and purchase some portable shelving units. This will help to keep your tools organised, off the floor and in good condition.

Avoid Clutter in your Garage

Renting a self storage unit for work equipment is a great way to free up space in your garage or shed. Leaving you with more storage space at home for other personal items. Storing work equipment in self storage also helps to keep dangerous tools away from the reach of children. 

Choose a Convenient Location

Storing your work tools in a self storage unit is much more convenient than storing them at home. Choose a conveniently located Adelaide self storage facility such as Store UR Stuff and grab your work tools as you need them. Beats having to jam everything into your work vehicle for the day!

Store your Tools with Store UR Stuff!

Are you looking to store your work equipment in Adelaide self storage near you? Store UR Stuff has a variety of secure self storage units ideal for storing work tools and equipment. With cheap storage units, no lock in contracts and online payments – book your self storage unit today! 

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