Store UR Stuff Staff Profile – Jodie


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Hi my name is Jodie and I am the Manager at Store UR Stuff.

Whilst on maternity leave last year, I received a phone call asking me if I was interested in a new challenge and a new career opportunity. Not knowing much about the storage industry, I thought that a fresh start into the workforce after being away for 12 months was something that I really needed to get my baby brain back into gear.

Coming from a strong customer service background, most of my previous employment was in the travel and hospitality industry, I figured that selling empty space was similar to selling an empty hotel room; the only difference being instead of people occupying the space, there was going to be people’s stuff occupying the space. With that in mind along with a need for a challenge, I took on the role.

I was very fortunate to see our facility grow right before my eyes. When I left to go on leave, the warehouse on the premise was being used as a liquor distribution warehouse, and by the time I got back, the concrete had set and a new roof installed and left was a blank canvas to fill. Whilst I was busy learning about the industry, talking to our competitors and also experts in the industry, the Self Storage Association of Australia, the construction of the units in the warehouse took no time to complete. Once completed, I was left with 112 ground floor self storage units to fill – and thus the challenge began.

I have learnt a lot in my role since taking it on and learnt so much more about the industry. To be honest, it is not a career path that I would actively pursue, but it has definitely been an interesting and rewarding path. There are so many reasons why people need storage and each customer has their own story to tell, and it is this interaction that I enjoy the most. Now that I am in the industry, it is going to be a while before I consider leaving. As the industry grows and expands, I hope that my knowledge and expertise can grow along with it.