When Christmas is over…….

Christmas 2013 has come to a close. Like many of you out there, it was a mad dash to the end to get organised for the festive season. Some of us have welcomed 2014 with New Years Resolutions and what is left is the dreaded clean up.  Tearing down the Christmas Tree, packing up the baubles and tinsel, gathering the Christmas lights in a tangle and finding a new home for stuff that you didn’t need but wanted.

While you sit there and curse the thought of having to de-christmasise your house, spare a thought David, Australia’s new addition to The Guinness World Records. Having already crowned the title of the Most Number of Christmas Lights on a Residential Property in 2011, with a mind blowing 331,038 lights, David Richards was delighted to regain his title after taking out the 2012 record holders from New York. To do that he had to simply hang and display more than 346,283 lights.

David un-tangled, sorted, hung and displayed 50km of Christmas lights which is a staggering half million, 502,165 to be exact, little lights. Like Santa’s little helpers, David had been hard at work months before the festive season had arrived. All his hard work has not only created festive family entertainment, a touch of magic for the kids and community spirit, he has also raised much needed funds for SIDS and kids.

David is not the only Christmas light enthusiast to don the American tradition, there are thousands of families around Australia who cover their homes, gardens and sheds in a little sparkle. There are even websites dedicated to listing Christmas light displays around Australia.

So where do you put 50km of lights once they have been used for the year? What about that giant Santa Claus or snowman that occupied your front lawn for the last few weeks?

This is where storage could be your seasonal solution. The easiest way to keep your decorations safe and in good condition is to put them into a storage shed. Keep them altogether and in tip top shape so that you do not need to fork out more money in 12 months time.

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