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Reasons to Use Self Storage When Renovating

Planning on renovating your home? Renovations are exciting, time consuming, hard work and can be a costly task. However, nothing is more exciting than renovating your own home to reflect personal style.

You may have the design plans organised and you know what colour theme you’re going with. But, have you thought about where your furniture and home contents will go during renovations? 

Depending on how major your renovations are going to be, you may need to consider renting a self storage unit. Whether you’re renovating the entire home at once or tackling it room by room. Renting a cheap Adelaide storage unit is probably the most convenient and affordable storage solution when renovating your home.

3 key reasons why you should rent a storage unit

Declutter the space

You’ll need space to renovate your home. Working around furniture and other household items will make carrying building equipment through difficult. Plus, a cluttered space could create potential tripping hazards. 


Depending on the extent of your renovations, some parts of your home may be left open. If you’re replacing walls, roofing etc, your home could be open to passers-by for lengthy periods of time. Renting a small or cheap storage unit could help prevent damage from the weather. As well as protect it from potential theft.


Leaving out furniture and other household items while renovating your home could make the job take longer than it needs to. Renting a self storage unit to clear out the space will eliminate the stress of having to shift items around prior to or during renovations. Therefore, allowing yourself or trades people to focus on getting the renovations done, rather than spending time moving furniture.

Do you need a small storage unit or a big storage unit?

If you’ve watched multiple seasons of The Block, you might be inspired to take on the task of renovating your home yourself. However, if you don’t have the skills to do so, you’ll probably be hiring a professional to do the job for you.

If you’re tackling the task yourself, a small cheap Adelaide storage unit could be the perfect storage solution. Doing the renovations yourself allows you to take your time and work room by room. Meaning you can utilise your storage unit to store the contents of each room in there as you go.

In addition, if a building company is doing the renovating for you, they might need most of the house contents cleared out. Meaning a big storage unit will be a more suitable storage choice. Store Ur Stuff’s 3m x 4.5m self storage unit would be ideal for this as it has room for furniture from a 3-4 bedroom home.

Choosing a suitable self storage unit will differ depending on the extent of your renovations.

Time to get renovating

Now that you know how convenient self storage will be when renovating your home – you’re ready to choose your storage provider and begin renovations. Choosing a cheap Adelaide storage unit will help to clear up space, ultimately saving you money, time and resources. 

Renting a self storage unit will also help trades people (or yourself) complete renovations faster. Giving them the space they need to move around with ease. Plus, you won’t have to stress about your goods getting damaged or stolen as they’ll be safely stored away in your storage unit. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a suitable Adelaide storage provider, Store Ur Stuff is a great choice. Offering cheap storage that is safe and secure. As well as conveniently located on the corner of South Road and Cross Road. Enquire online today or call the friendly team on 8371 0000.

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    Interesting post Molly! There are a lot of things to consider before starting such projects like renovation. Well, it still depends how massive renovations are going to be. Space would be the number one priority when renovating and that’s why self storage units are the missing pieces of the puzzle here.


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