Working from Home? How a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit You

Have you recently started working from home due to the covid-19 pandemic? Whether it’s temporary or a new, full-time WFH gig, you need a dedicated workspace that’s clutter free! 

Need help creating a workspace at home? Read on for some tips on why a self storage unit might be the solution that you’re looking for.

Don’t have a home office but do have a spare room full of ‘stuff’? 

We can help! We all know someone who has a spare room where everything and anything goes (guilty). This seems practical, however, turning this room in to a home office space will be much more suitable in this case. And with cheap self storage you can easily de-clutter this room in no time.

Quick steps to turn your spare room into a WFH space: 

  1. find cheap self storage near you
  2. rent a storage unit
  3. de-clutter room 
  4. store unused contents in your new storage unit
  5. replace with desk, chair, computer

And just like that, welcome to your new WFH haven! 

Benefits of renting a self storage unit to make space for a home office

Renting a self storage unit to create space for a home office is beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, it allows you to de-clutter and create a space where you can productively work from home. Secondly, you can also use your storage unit to file documents or store excess stock if needed. 

Along with this, a storage unit also: 

  • gives you more space at home
  • more space to be organized
  • keeps items safe from kids & pets 

Looking for an Adelaide storage facility near you? 

Look no further than Store UR Stuff! The facility offers a range of small, medium, and large storage units and is conveniently located on the corner of Cross Rd and South Rd. And if you need to store your work vehicle – we have room for that to!

If you need help finding an affordable storage option, call the Store UR Stuff team on (08) 8371 0000. Alternatively, you can view our available storage units online and book a space on the spot. 

The Dos of Self Storage Units

Are you new to renting a self storage unit? Or maybe you already rent a storage unit and need some tips and tricks to better your self storage experience. Either way, this guide can help you get the most out of your unit.

Read on for the ‘dos’ when renting a self storage unit in Adelaide (or anywhere else)! 

Do get a self storage unit near you

To start, a good storage unit is one that’s conveniently located near you. If you plan on visiting your storage unit on a regular basis, then choose a storage facility close to your home or work. There’s no point renting a storage unit if it’s an hour across town. Unless you’re using it for something like short-term boat storage in the off season. 

Do shop around for a facility 

Take some time to shop around and find the best storage facility for your needs. Check out this blog here if you need help finding the right storage provider. 

Do find the right storage unit size

Storage units come in many different sizes. Specifically, at Store UR Stuff we have 4 unit sizes to choose from. Ranging from a 2m x 3m unit up to a 3m x 6m unit. Try our online space calculator if you need help finding the right storage unit size for your needs. 

Do pack & store your items properly

Preparing your items for storage is an important step. You don’t want your belongings to become damaged, broken or perish. Make sure you take the time to pack items correctly in storage boxes etc, and ensure you do the same when packing them away in your storage unit. This is especially important if you’re using long-term self storage.

Do create an inventory

Creating an inventory for your self storage unit will help keep track of what’s in your unit and where to find it. Check out this blog here for some tips on how to create an inventory.

Do rent a self storage unit at Store UR Stuff

Now that you know all the dos to self storage, it’s time to start your self storage journey or possibly fix your current self storage situation. 

If you’re looking for a self storage facility in Adelaide, Store UR Stuff is the go-to storage provider. Our facility is safe, clean, secure and our friendly staff can help with any storage queries. Call the team on 8371 0000 or send an enquiry online. 

Lastly, we’ll cover the ‘don’ts of self storage’ in our next blog soon. Keep an eye on our blog page for updates! 

How to create an inventory for your storage unit

Many people hesitate to use self storage in Adelaide because they fear they will lose track of their items. Luckily, there’s a very easy and efficient solution to this problem. It’s as simple as taking the time to create an inventory for the items you have in storage. This will help to ensure you never misplace anything. Plus, it’s also great to have for insurance purposes! 

Furthermore, here are some tips to help you create an inventory for your storage unit. 

Start box by box

If you weren’t organised from the start, don’t stress. It’s easy enough to create an inventory at any time in your self storage journey.

When creating your inventory, start from one corner of your storage unit and work box by box.

Follow these steps:

  1. Empty the contents of the box
  2. Create a list of each item you take out
  3. Place items back in the box
  4. Label both the box and the list e.g. ‘bedroom 1’
  5. Make 2 copies of the list, one to stick on the box and one for future reference.

Once you’ve followed the above steps, continue to do the same with your other boxes. 

In addition, if you have multiple storage boxes for certain things, like rooms in your home, it’s best to group these together in your unit.

Create a master list

You’ll need to update your inventory list every time you take or add an item from your Adelaide storage unit. Therefore, it’s handy to create a master list on an excel spreadsheet. Your master list should include all box numbers/labels and what items are in those boxes. 

In addition, creating a digital master list will make it much easier to keep track of what’s in your unit. 

Keep your list up to date

Make sure you keep your inventory up to date every time you remove or add something to your storage unit. No matter how big or small the item is, you should always record it in your inventory.

Also be sure to keep your boxes, paper copies and digital copies updated. This helps to keep track of your items as well as makes them easier to find when needed. 

Use shelves and label them

Using shelves in your storage unit is also a great way to keep it clean and organised, as well as make your items easier to find. It’s best to allocate each shelve to a certain topic, so place all bedroom storage boxes on one shelf and kitchen ones on the next. Plus, don’t forget to label your shelves! 

Keep it organised & updated!

You now know how to keep your self storage unit organised. It’s as simple as creating an inventory and adding in some shelving units. If you keep your inventory up to date as you go, you should have no troubles in keeping track of your items. Good luck!

Are you looking for an Adelaide storage provider? At Store Ur Stuff, we offer safe and secure Adelaide storage units. We also have outdoor storage perfect for car storage, boat storage and caravan storage. View our storage solutions online or call our friendly team on 8371 0000. 

Important Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Space

Everyone has different needs when it comes to renting a storage space in Adelaide. You might be looking for caravan storage, car storage or maybe you’re just wanting to free up space in your home. Either way, you’ll want to know that your items are safe and secure when using self storage.

In addition, it’s important to ask your storage provider questions about the facility to ensure that it’s going to suit your needs. Especially if you’re new to self storage.

Important Questions to Ask 

Storage facilities are here to help you with short-term and long-term storage solutions. However, a good storage facility should also provide security features, maintenance, and good customer service. The storage space is the main factor, but the service that comes with it should be just as important. 

Here are the most important questions to ask before renting a storage space in Adelaide.

Security & Pricing

You want to ensure that the Adelaide storage facility you choose is equipped with security features. Make sure there is security coded gates, surveillance cameras and secure fencing around the facility. Also ask whether the storage company will price match other competitors – there’s no harm in asking!

Customer Service

Customer service is also important when choosing your storage provider. You want a storage provider that cares about their facility and the goods stored there. Make sure you ask whether there is someone on-site during the week. If you call will it go directly to the facility or a call centre? And can you make payments and enquiries online, or do you have to go to the on-site office?

It’s important to ask questions regarding customer service as it will determine how convenient the storage facility will be. You want to choose a provider that has someone on-site during the week to assist when needed. Plus, online payments make life a whole lot easier!

Access & Maintenance

You want to be able to access your Adelaide storage space when suited. Ask your provider when clients can access their storage space and if there is a 24/7 access option. Also, double check who can access your storage unit, is it just yourself or can staff as well?

It’s also important to ask if the facility is maintained to a high standard. Do they do pest control? Do they have professional cleaners? 

Store your Items with Store Ur Stuff

We’re proud to say that we provide safe and secure Adelaide storage spaces. We have security features, a well maintained facility, competitive pricing (we’ll even price match) and quality customer service to go with it! If you’re new to self storage or looking for a new Adelaide storage provider, check out our FAQs page to answer your most important storage questions. Alternatively, call our friendly team on 8371 0000 or drop in to the on-site office.

Essential Packing Supplies

Preparing items for storage seems straight forward, right? Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Unless your not too phased about the well-being of your belongings. 

When getting stuff ready for self storage or just packing away things for the winter months. You want to ensure that you pack your items correctly and the best you can. This will help to protect your belongings from potential damage. 

But what do you need to ensure you do the job properly? You’ll need the following packing supplies, as well as great packing skills. If you want to unpack your items in the same condition that you packed them away that is.


Probably the number 1 packing supply, you’ll need lots of good quality moving boxes. Moving boxes can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as quality. Don’t go the cheapest option when buying moving boxes. You don’t want the bottom falling out when you’re walking down the street or anywhere else. 

In addition, there are standard moving boxes that are suitable for most things. Along with speciality boxes, like a TV box, which is worth the extra expense. 

Also ensure that you don’t pack your boxes too heavy. It’s best to make sure you’re able to safely lift them on your own. If you can’t lift them on your own, you’ve probably over-packed it. 

Bubble Wrap

Don’t underestimate the importance of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will help protect your fragile and more breakable items from potential damage. Plus, it’s great for wrapping up those oddly shaped items.

In addition, try to avoid using old sheets, towels or paper as these materials will not provide the same protection as bubble wrap will. 

Labelling Materials / Permanent Marker

Label your items as you pack. You want to be able to identify what’s in each box without having to sift through it. Some people may be happy with using a permanent marker to label their moving boxes and some may prefer proper moving labels. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you choose to label your boxes, as long they are labelled clearly. 

Furthermore, make sure you label your boxes on multiple sides. This will help when trying to find items in your storage unit.

Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Another key packing supply is heavy duty packing tape. You want to ensure you buy durable tape that’s strong and sticky. It’ll also make it easier if you have a proper tape gun to go with it. This way you won’t lose the end of the roll and the tape will dispense a lot easier and quicker.

Fragile Packing Tape

A great way to ensure your breakable items are going to be safe is to purchase a roll of fragile tape. This may seem excessive, however if you don’t want your items damaged, this is a great extra step to take. The tape stands out and helps to avoid breakages as people are aware that the box contains fragile items.

Now You’re Ready to Pack for Self Storage

These are all essential packing supplies. They will help to ensure your items are stored correctly and avoid damage whilst in self storage. Plus, they’ll also make it easier when you need to locate something within your storage unit.

In addition, any of these packing supplies can be purchased from Store Ur Stuff at affordable prices. Our box shop makes us a convenient Adelaide Storage Facility, offering everything you need right here on site. Stop by to pick up some supplies or pre-purchase them online – it’s that easy!

Looking for self storage in Adelaide? Check out our storage solutions online or give our friendly staff a call on 8371 0000.

Different Types of Self Storage

Thinking about renting a self storage unit? It can be difficult to decide what type of storage is best suited to your needs – especially if you’re a newbie. 

From small storage units to large storage units, indoor storage and outdoor storage. Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes. So, you’re most likely going to find what you’re looking for. 

However, renting the right storage space for your needs is just as important as every other factor. You need to consider safety, security, price, short or long term storage and more. Storage facilities differ from the service and conditions they provide/have. As well as the storage solutions they offer. So, make sure you do your research prior to making a booking.

Furthermore, here is some more in-depth information on the different types of self storage.

Long Term & Short Term Storage

Depending on your needs, you may require short term storage or long term storage. Therefore, it’s best to consider how long you will be storing your items before booking a storage space. That way you know whether you need to look for a storage facility that offers no lock in contracts.

We recommended storing with a facility that offers short term storage or no lock in contracts. This will make it easier if circumstances change in the future. Or if you need to down-size or up-size your space over time. However, some facilities may offer cheaper storage units if you opt for a longer rental contract.

Storage Space Sizes

You will want to ensure you book the appropriate size storage space for your needs. There’s no point in spending money on a large self storage unit if you’re not going to utilise the space. You also don’t want to rent a storage space that will end up being too small. Although you can always opt to down-size or up-size, this is something you want to avoid. 

Also, don’t try and squeeze everything into your storage unit. You want enough storage space so that you can easily access and find your possessions when needed.

In addition, Store Ur Stuff offer an online booking system with clear information on their different unit sizes and what’s most suitable. For example, if you need space to fit a 1-2 bedroom unit, the 2m x 3m self storage unit would be best. A hassle-free booking system!

Indoor Storage & Outdoor Storage

The difference between outdoor storage and indoor storage is quite simple. Outdoor storage is mainly used for storing vehicles such as cars, vans, caravans, trucks, boats and motorbikes. Whereas indoor storage is where you’ll find storage units and storage lockers – in most facilities.

If you’re wanting to use the vehicle storage at Store Ur Stuff, you’ll be opting for an outdoor storage space. But, if you’re wanting to store personal possessions and household items, you’ll opt for an indoor self storage unit.

In addition, both indoor and outdoor storage at Store Ur Stuff is secure. With pin coded gates, high fencing and CCTV around the outdoor storage. Then additional key coded roller doors to access the indoor storage facility. 

24-Hour Access

It’s common for most storage facilities to offer 24-hour access, however this isn’t always the case for some. When choosing your self storage provider, you will probably want 24-hour access. This makes it more convenient as you’re able to access your storage space whenever needed.

Cheap Storage Units & Spaces

Looking for cheap storage near you? Cheap storage might sound great, but often cheap storage isn’t always the best option. Cheaper storage may not have the security features and cleanliness that other pricier storage facilities would. Make sure you check all features other than the price when booking a storage space. Price is important, but so is the security of your possessions. 

In addition, Store Ur Stuff have affordable storage spaces equipped with security features such as pin coded gates, CCTV and more. The facility is always kept clean and regularly rodent baited. Store Ur Stuff will also price match if you find the same size unit elsewhere at a cheaper price.

What storage space is suited to your needs?

Now that you know the differences between storage spaces, you should feel confident in choosing the perfect option for your needs. It’s important to do your research and shop around when choosing your storage facility. Make sure you know whether you need a large storage space or a small storage space. Also make sure you know whether you need long term or short term storage. Knowing exactly what you require will save you both time and money. 

In addition, it’s also best to rent a storage space with appropriate security features and 24/7 access. This will be both convenient and help to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. And remember, cheaper is not always best.

Furthermore, Store Ur Stuff offer safe, secure and convenient storage. You can find more information about our storage facility here. Or alternatively, call the friendly team on 8371 0000 for all your storage solutions and questions!

Reasons to Use Self Storage When Renovating

Planning on renovating your home? Renovations are exciting, time consuming, hard work and can be a costly task. However, nothing is more exciting than renovating your own home to reflect personal style.

You may have the design plans organised and you know what colour theme you’re going with. But, have you thought about where your furniture and home contents will go during renovations? 

Depending on how major your renovations are going to be, you may need to consider renting a self storage unit. Whether you’re renovating the entire home at once or tackling it room by room. Renting a cheap Adelaide storage unit is probably the most convenient and affordable storage solution when renovating your home.

3 key reasons why you should rent a storage unit

Declutter the space

You’ll need space to renovate your home. Working around furniture and other household items will make carrying building equipment through difficult. Plus, a cluttered space could create potential tripping hazards. 


Depending on the extent of your renovations, some parts of your home may be left open. If you’re replacing walls, roofing etc, your home could be open to passers-by for lengthy periods of time. Renting a small or cheap storage unit could help prevent damage from the weather. As well as protect it from potential theft.


Leaving out furniture and other household items while renovating your home could make the job take longer than it needs to. Renting a self storage unit to clear out the space will eliminate the stress of having to shift items around prior to or during renovations. Therefore, allowing yourself or trades people to focus on getting the renovations done, rather than spending time moving furniture.

Do you need a small storage unit or a big storage unit?

If you’ve watched multiple seasons of The Block, you might be inspired to take on the task of renovating your home yourself. However, if you don’t have the skills to do so, you’ll probably be hiring a professional to do the job for you.

If you’re tackling the task yourself, a small cheap Adelaide storage unit could be the perfect storage solution. Doing the renovations yourself allows you to take your time and work room by room. Meaning you can utilise your storage unit to store the contents of each room in there as you go.

In addition, if a building company is doing the renovating for you, they might need most of the house contents cleared out. Meaning a big storage unit will be a more suitable storage choice. Store Ur Stuff’s 3m x 4.5m self storage unit would be ideal for this as it has room for furniture from a 3-4 bedroom home.

Choosing a suitable self storage unit will differ depending on the extent of your renovations.

Time to get renovating

Now that you know how convenient self storage will be when renovating your home – you’re ready to choose your storage provider and begin renovations. Choosing a cheap Adelaide storage unit will help to clear up space, ultimately saving you money, time and resources. 

Renting a self storage unit will also help trades people (or yourself) complete renovations faster. Giving them the space they need to move around with ease. Plus, you won’t have to stress about your goods getting damaged or stolen as they’ll be safely stored away in your storage unit. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a suitable Adelaide storage provider, Store Ur Stuff is a great choice. Offering cheap storage that is safe and secure. As well as conveniently located on the corner of South Road and Cross Road. Enquire online today or call the friendly team on 8371 0000.