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Find a useful storage blog on storing your caravan, and how to prepare for long term storage, there is even an article on where you can take your caravan when it is out of storage.  You can find so much useful information on our self storage blog like this. Storage tips on Christmas decorations, clothing, furniture, wine are just a few among the handy hints, tips and articles on our self storage blog.

Car Storage

Car Storage – How to prepare

Car Storage Not everyone has the luxury of a fully enclosed garage to store their car and protect it from the elements. Like caravan owners, you may require a car storage facility to store your car.  We have already explored vehicle storage options previously and discussed ideas on how to prepare a caravan for storage. […]

caravan getaway

Locations for a Caravan Getaway

When the season is right, what better excuse to pick up your caravan from storage, gather the family and hit the road. Are you thinking about your next locations for a caravan getaway? We have looked at vehicle storage options and how to prepare your caravan for storage. Now, let’s look at some top locations in […]

caravan storage

Caravan Storage – How to prepare

Purchasing a caravan is a great investment and fun for the whole family to jump in for a little getaway. However, failing to prepare for caravan storage during the off season can lead to costly damage and wear and tear. We have looked at vehicle and caravan storage options while it is not in use. […]

wine storage

Wine Storage

Most of us purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy right away but for those special wines that we want to cellar there are important rules for red and white wine storage to ensure your wines age well and increase in flavour and value. Wine Storage Environment Some winemakers have earned a reputation for creating wine […]

moving house

Moving House – Tips

Moving house is rated one of the most stressful life events, but with some handy tips on forward planning and organisation it can become an easier and smoother process for you and the whole family.  Make a checklist for moving house It is imperative to create a checklist for leading up to your move and […]

christmas decoration storage

Christmas decoration storage

Decorating your house for the holiday season is a fun activity for all families, but if you’re not organised when packing the decorations back up again, it can feel more of a chore to sort through all the mess the following year. Here are some of my favourite ways to organise Christmas decoration storage at home. […]


Vehicle storage options

Vehicle storage is a secure and affordable storage solution and there are different options available. By asking the right questions you can ensure you are making the right decision for your budget and needs.


Storing Couches – Clean, protect and store

3 tips on how to prepare your couch for storage to ensure your couch comes out clean and protected for when you need it again

coffee storage

Tips for coffee storage

Calling all the coffee lovers out there… I may know a thing or two about self storage but I work in a busy office with people who love coffee. Most of them rely on their morning coffee to kick start their day so I decided to educate myself on how to store coffee beans to keep […]

Declutter clothing storage

Tips to declutter clothing storage

Why wait until Spring to declutter clothing storage? Winter is almost over so it’s a great time to declutter clothing storage and make more room by putting your bulky winter items away for next year. It may not be a one-day job, or even a one-person job, but imagine how much better you will feel […]

Useful uses for rubbish

We live in a disposable society, where things are made to be disposed of these days. Consider the amount of packaging items come in. All that packaging ends up as land fill where most of it take years to breakdown. Next time you go to throw it away, consider the environment and come up with another use. I have compiled a short list of the most common uses for rubbish.

Store UR Stuff and Adelaide Fringe

Store UR Stuff really wanted to get involved with the Fringe. However, with no talent in site the team opted to support a great cause at The Fringe. Dulcies Shop of Real Opportunity is a mobile op shop parked at The Gardens of Unearthly Delights and all profits raised will provide services and support to people facing disadvantage and homelessness in Adelaide.

Store UR Stuff Price Match Banner

Same size unit cheaper? We’ll price match.

Send us your valid* quote or ad and we’ll price match for the same size Self Storage Unit, guaranteed. *Conditions apply. Minimum 1 month stay. 1 month rental & security deposit must be paid before move in. Must present valid quote from a metro self-storage facility to redeem offer. Regional storage facility quotes not valid. Not to be used […]

Protecting UR Self Storage – Security Features

Self storage offers a safe and secure place to store belongings, however not all self storage facilities have the same security measures. It is important to ask the right questions before making your decision. This article lists some important security features to look for when you are making a decision on a self storage facility.

Organise your storage

Inventory – keep track of your stuff in storage

An inventory list of your items is an easy task to do but rarely done. For items especially in storage an inventory list can ultimately save you time and sometimes money. This article explains why an inventory list should be completed prior to moving into storage and how to complete an inventory.

Self storage business hours

Self Storage Kiosks

Self Storage Kiosks are an emerging technology for the self storage industry. This blog describes what a kiosk can do, potential downfalls and how it could generate more business by turning your self storage facility into a 24 hour 7 day a week operation.

Storing Clothes long term

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term

After scouring the internet I discovered that most of them advise the following 6 simple steps and measures you should take to keep your clothing protected whilst in storage. Wash and iron your clothes before storing. Surfaces stains and dirt will set into the clothing overtime and when you do finally get them out of storage to use again the stain will be difficult to remove. Dirty clothing can also attract vermin and insects which may also damage your clothing.

When Christmas is over…….

Christmas 2013 has come to a close. Like many of you out there, it was a mad dash to the end to get organised for the festive season. Some of us have welcomed 2014 with New Years Resolutions and what is left is the dreaded clean up.  Tearing down the Christmas Tree, packing up the […]

Discovering a hidden gem

Often when people find out that you work in self-storage, they ask “Have you ever found a storage unit full of money and do you get to keep it?” My answer to that is “Wouldn’t that be nice”. Thanks to reality TV shows such as Storage Wars and Storage Hunters a lot of people believe […]

Need storage tips and trick

Tips and tricks for organising your self storage unit

Packing your storage space to capacity can save you money over time. Following are some tips and tricks to help you pack your unit to capacity and ensure that you are paying only for the space you need.


When the fire starts to burn – a self storage fire

A tale about a couples love and passion turned into an embarrassing (and illegal) and very expensive self storage bill.

New Self Storage Facility is Open

New Self Storage Facility in Western Adelaide

Introducing Store UR Stuff – Adelaide’s new self storage facility in Clarence Gardens. Operation began in February 2013 with over 100 ground floor units with over 9 different sizes to make sure you only pay for the space you need. We can cater for any commercial, domestic, short term and long term storage.

Store UR Stuff

Store UR Stuff Staff Profile – Daniel

Meet Daniel from Store UR Stuff and learn how he went from high school into a career in self storage.

Self Storage Units Adelaide

Store UR Stuff Staff Profile – Jodie

The following is a staff profile on the manager of Store UR Stuff with an insight into her employment history and how a new career opportunity started her passion in the self storage industry.